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The varieties of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella have been grown for a long time in the hillside of the Valpolicella.
They are "leading actors" in our Jago, Figari and Costa del Buso cru vineyards. 

Corvina Veronese

Corvina Veronese is a vine with good vigour but with a varying yield and poor fertility on the lower buds. It has pyramid shaped bunches of medium size. This variety is appropriate for light soils with good exposure. It gives a well preserved tannic wine with medium body and lends itself well to drying.


For a long time this was confused with the Corvina of which it was considered a larger version. It has however recently received recognition as a vine in its own right. A generous vine, it has large berries and bunches and is particularly good for drying. It has lower buds of medium fertility and gives tannic wines with intense and fruity bouquets and good body.


Rondinella is a very rustic vine which may also be grown on less well exposed lands. The lower buds have medium fertility and medium size bunches with cylindrical form. This vine lends itself perfectly to drying. It gives wines with gentle and fruity aromas without a tannic taste but with good structure.

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