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Growing systems

In our micro-zone, where vine and terroir constantly interact with each other, it is very important
to get the most suitable training system to have the right vegetative and productive balance of the wines.
That is a choice determining, in large part, the grape quality. 


The Guyot is the most widely used growing system in the most famous wine regions in the world.
The Guyot was present in the Vapolicella but was later replaced by the Pergola Veronese which gave a higher yield per hectare.
In our new vineyards, the Guyot system has been planted. This system allows 4000 - 4500 vines to be planted per hectare.
In this system the vines are planted with 2.2m - 3m distance between the rows and 1m between the vines, which are smaller, around 80-90 cm from the soil.

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