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The grape harvest

Productive vineyards:

45-50 days before leaves are thought to start falling, macro and meso-elements, which are essential to roots are
spread. 1/3 of the annual total is administered now, the remaining 2/3 at the end of April the following year.
In September finally the most important time of the year arrives: the harvest!
Grapes are picked according to grape-ripening indices .
Grapes which will be dried for producing Amarone and Recioto are picked first.
The plastic bins, which were washed last month, are taken to the vinyards and placed in the vine-rows. Once full,
they are put on pallets and taken back to the winery. They are subsequently put in the “fruttaio”, where a moder
humidity-control system ensures the grapes dry in the right conditions, to optimise sugar concentration.

New vineyards:

This month, grass is sown in between the rows, to create a lawn which will not need too much nourishment and
water and thus will not compete with the new vines' roots.
The grass sown should grow slowly, so that it only needs to be cut a few times a year.
The presence of plants of the leguminosae family (clovers) in the grass ensure the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen.
Grasses also include a mix of gramineae which, once cut,
will give nourishment and vitality to the microflora present in the soil.
The process of decomposition of weeds maintains organic substances in the soil.
Grass sowing shoud be done in September, because from now until the following April tractors will not enter the
new vineyard, therefore no tracks will be made on the new grass.
Moreover, vine canes are fixed to stakes, to create the permanent wood structure of new vine plants.
This month, 1/3 of the elements (macro N. P, K and meso S, Mg), indispensable to the roots of the new vineyard, are

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