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A time of intense work

Productive vineyards:

Disease control treatments are started, to fight vine diseases which are mainly due to fungus and harmful insects.
Powdery mildew, downy mildew and dead-arm disease are fought and prevented through
a planned and integrated defence action.
At the same time, harmful insects such as acars, mites, thrips and leaf hoppers are monitored.
Treatments are carried out using a spray, thus improving product distribution and limiting waste, which could be
harmful to the environment and to the person carrying out the treatment.
Fertilization also takes place according to specific vine needs and indications drawn from our analysis.
This month, macro and meso-elements are spread: N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium),
Mg (Magnesium) and S (sulfur), amounting to 2/3 of the annual needs.
The use of organic fertilizer is also very important.
On productive vineyards, canes at the base of the vine and double canes (grown from the same bud) are pruned,
as well as those that will not produce fruits the following season.
In May, the grass is cut on alternate rows, to preserve the ideal environment for useful insects that need vegetation
and pollen to live within the vineyard.
This month, traps to monitor leaf hoppers are laid.

New vineyards:

Now that the soil has been prepared with work done in previous months, new vines are planted,
after being rehidrated and treated with paraffin-wax.
New vines are planted carefully and quickly by specialized external companies, using appropriate machinery.

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