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Vine tying and soil preparation

Productive vineyards:

Once pruning is finished, vine canes are tied. These are fixed to the steel wire that holds
up the plant with plastic ties to avoid restrictions.
At the same time, work is done in the vine rows to cut the pruned shoots or, if any of the shoots are affected by plant
diseases, they are removed and taken away from the vineyard.
The structure of the vineyard is checked to see if any of the wires,
training stakes, poles and anchors needs replacing.
Finally, any damaged plants are replaced, so that there are no gaps in the row.

New vineyards:

Work is done in the soil where new vines will be planted in the following months.
The first operation is the removal of any roots and stones.
The winter frost has crumbled clods created by ploughing during the previous autumn,
causing any stones or roots to
be visible.

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