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Productive vineyards:

Winter pruning starts in the Villa Spinosa vineyards. All the new vineyards are grown with the Guyot system.
In December canes are bare, because the vine has lost all its leaves, because of the cold. This way, pruning is easier.
The canes which have born fruit are pruned, and the ones that will produce the following year are selected.
These will be prepared and tied to the wires in the following months.
In the guyot system, the main wire of the vineyard, which the productive cane is tied,
is at about 80-90 cm from the ground. 
All the unproductive canes are cut, making sure, however, to leave some spurs
that will generate the fruiting cane not for the coming year, but for the following one.

New vineyards:
This month no work is done in the new vineyards.

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