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he preparation of the new Recioto wine

The fermentation is complete. The new Amarone wines remain for few days in the stainless steel tank to let the
sediments to deposit: they will afterwards start the ageing period in wood.
The vinification and the fermentation of the grapes used for making the Recioto wine end also in March, these grapes
are infact the last ones to be crushed. The withering lasts for days and in this way it favours a higher sugar content.
Few days after the grapes crushing, when the fermentation hasn't transformed all the sugar into alcohol, the new wine
(rich in sugar content) is separated from the pomace. With the new Recioto wine, infact, only a part of the sugar has
been transformed into alcohol, whereas the other part (circa 15-16) hasn't:
we then decant an alcoholic but still sugary wine.
The new Recioto will then be decanted daily in order to avoid the fermentation's resume: by decanting, infact, all the
solid parts (where the yeasts are) are taken away in order to block the fermentation and mantain in this way the
Recioto's sugary component.

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