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The grapes used for making Recioto and Amarone are crushed

We are just about to crush the grapes that will make Recioto and Amarone wine.
The fermentation of the grapes takes place in stainless steel tanks that contain 5000 litres or 7000 litres: the process
starts by introducing in the tank a small quantity of crushedgrapes that will be then added with some selected yeasts.
The tanks are warmed and only when the must will fully ferment (and the tank will be saturated with CO2) other
crushed grapes will be added; when these grapes will ferment themselves, other must will be put in the tank .
In this way the must avoids the contact with the oxigen that, combining with the must not yet fermented,
can increase the level of volatile acidity.
When fermentation starts, we proceed with the pump overs daily and with the racking every 2-3 days.
The Amarone's fermentation lasts between 45 and 60 days depending on the season.

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